Open Meetings Information

NSF has working committees for each and every department. A committee (or "commission") is a body of one or more persons that is subordinate to a deliberative assembly. Usually, the assembly sends matters into a committee as a way to explore them more fully than would be possible if the assembly itself were considering them. Committees may have different functions and their type of work differ depending on the type of the organization and its needs. n organizations considered too large for all the members to participate in decisions affecting the organization as a whole, a smaller body, such as a board of directors, is given the power to make decisions, spend money, or take actions. A governance committee is formed as a separate committee to review the performance of the board and board policy as well as nominate candidates for the board.

Division And Working Committee


  • Working Committee on Technology

Editorial Office

  • Journal of National Science Foundation - Editorial Board
  • Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences –Editorial Board


  • Working Committee on Basic Sciences
  • Working Committee on Environment & Biodiversity
  • Working Committee on Biotechnology & Bioethics
  • Working Committee on Engineering Sciences & Architecture
  • NSF National Committee on Ocean and Marine Sciences


  • Working Committee on Library and Information Services


  • Working Committee on International Liaison
  • NSF National Committee on MAB Programme


  • Working Committee on Health Sciences
  • Steering Committee on NSF National Thematic Research Programme (NTRP) Climate Change & Natural Disasters
  • Working Committee on UNESCO Participation Programme (Water Security) Research Advisory Board


  • Working Committee on Social Sciences
  • Working Committee on Indigenous Knowledge
  • Working Committee on Science and Technology Policy Research


  • Working Committee on Agriculture & Food Science


  • NSF Working Committee on Science Popularization (WCSP)
  • NSF Working Committee on Science, Mathematics & Engineering Education

There are members allocated to each and every working committee
for the purpose of those projects.